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Mine To Love


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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Mine To Love”

  • You happened like a sudden storm That caught me my surprise In an accidental Devastating moment of my life You upset me with your kindness You upset me with your smile You cracked my heart wide open And I felt alive for a little while You were mine, mine to hold In the rain, out in the cold With a stolen cup of coffee At a place that no one knows You were mine, just enough That each breath I take keeps getting tough And every kiss is running out of time You were mine but you were never mine to love Never mine to love We kept each others secrets And we never made demands It was so exciting Never making any kind of plans We tore up all the rule books And we cast them to the wind Now I'm left just chasing pages Trying find myself again You were mine, mine to hold Sharing tales we never told On a long lost day last summer With the sand beneath our toes You were mine just for a minute Like a roller coaster ride I was scared when I got in it Then I laughed until I cried Now I'm back at the beginning And I'm walking out the door 'Cause you know I just can't do this anymore Oh, you know I just can't do it anymore You were mine, mine to hold Now the leaves are turning gold And the year we spent together Burns forever in my soul

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