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Fall To Drama

  • Исполнитель:

    Rise To Fall
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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Fall To Drama”

  • I?m going downhill again Growing weaker and everything turns against me.Don?t pile on the agony,Breathe once again, slow down the beating. Just leave me, I need to get rid of this greedy monster by myself. Please try to understand this, You?re sorely wounded and you may need some help CHORUS Unified we won?t fall again Lets blend our strengths as a single blow Concentrate on a thought With a clear shape, as one we?ll strike gold The hand that feeds you, holds up the whip that punishes you. The order becomes blurred, you are disconcerted. This faintness, this searing pain, Is killing me, is drying me, like a wasting disease. Now feed your mind with conviction,revive the illusion that holds you up. How can I trust? everything?s decaying. Nothing expected seems to come. CHORUS Tame the egotistic mind, know your own darkness,then you?ll deal with anything. We need to renew our old silver crown. What is that you lack? we must be swift to act. I cast in my lot with you, I took the auguries, I saw us triumph. Lets form a chain right now, right here, Lets modify what Fate had in store for us. CHORUS Suffused with light, we will refine this world,with the old forgotten wisdom.

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