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Summer Songs

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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Summer Songs”

  • Down the chute and out the door I know that Ive been here before The blinding lights, the long white coat Cut the cord before I choke Oh, please sir, handle me gently Ive got nothing to protect me This man in a mask stabbed me in the back No sooner alive than Im being attacked If this is the planet earth Oh please, mom, take me back in your sack My keepers arent too bad this time The mans quiet, the womans crying When I arrive, whats hers is mine I take and take it all the time Oh please sir, do not tempt me Those sweet things, they just destroy me I always want more than I can get My bellys full, but Im not done yet Need something to kill The word is you.mine Its true, its true, its true You taught us how to be the same as you If only you really knew We wouldnt do what you do Its true As you poison the earth you poison our lives This isnt living, but another disguise Go looking for truth As all of this is built on lies and lies etc. Hey, hey, hey now youve found me Everythings so clear With your arms around and your song in my heart Theres simply nothing I can fear Feel he inside burst through my head Replacing my eyes Please dont let me hide Cut through my head Replacing my eyes

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