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Got Love 'Cause You Need It


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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Got Love 'Cause You Need It”

  • Sittin' here waitin', anticipatin' What I'm gonna do to you You may not see it But you sure do need it And I'll change your mind 'fore you're through Been cool so far, but I'm gonna steal your car And you'll learn to dig it too, baby Come {??} and it won't be long Before you feel me comin' through I've got no hands on the wheel But I'm drivin' by feel And I got you sewn up and surrounded too Take you down the track in a burlap sack And you'll learn to dig it too You're my horse and you never win a race But I got to foot this {??} to you You better not brag, you're a hunky old hag And that goes for your mother too Well you tell me you love, gonna slug you in the eye And you'll learn to dig it baby Well you've got a job and I've heard that before And you're in the same line as Pussy Galore You wear your dresses short And I'll see you in court You better bring me back some money or don't knock on my door Gonna get me a whip and I'm gonna teach you to skip And you'll learn to dig it baby Well, I'm movin' faster Than the plaster casters And all your groupies too Got love cause you need it, baby And we're gonna mess with you

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