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City Life

  • Исполнитель:

    Stroke 9
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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “City Life”

  • What's your story send it over to me I'll take a look and see what there is to see at least jot a few things down anything to let me know I'm in your head and not on the ground with the cigarette butts from the mouths of all those little sluts that want me I'm lying here with the negative thoughts running my brain over again, look where I've been, feel me try, feel the sky feel that your able to do what it is you need to when this city life is dragging this city life is dragging us down don't push me don't push me don't push me anyway, well I can barely face the day is it already a quarter to ten? how can I drag my body from this bed again when I feel so heavy from the weight of nothing it's not about you as I said now it's a quarter to two, another night run through without connecting to anything this city life is dragging us down I'm already so far away from where I need to be I'm already so far away we move a mile a minute just to keep ourselves in it. Now I think we've come to far not to win it what is it? if I wasn't here all of this shit would just go on anyways if you weren't here everything would just go on anyway that's what you learn why do you stay when this city life is dragging us down

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