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    Sieges Even
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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “David”

  • Back in the days of doubt and dissension, from the soil Palestinias A wandering began, mathless in the annals of history and time Exiled and expeled, trapped in the walls of Babylon – only a leg on their way A consequence unheard-of, dispersion and pursuance for no rational cause Symbol of confession – held in contempt An endless voyage through time Prejudice, unreason – a contagious seed Today we shake our heads, can't comprehend In medieval times the Christian church made itself a part of the crime Conversion and judgement in blind infallibility executed upon the jews Bigotry and prejudice are persisting and basic characters of man As essential feature not to accept dissenters, it's so easy to judge But at nightfall of civilisation, when reason fell and Fascism prevailed A malpractice tarnished the world, rendered by a subservient mass! Accustomed to misuse and fear, we're looking back – insensibly! What happened then won't happen anew, close your eyes in arrogance and simply forget! So much injustice and grief done unto the star of David Remind unsound doctrines of an Aryan race, the concentration camps, the relentless exodus Some folks say it will never come again, are they oblivious? Full of unconcern? So look Pretoria and the fascist-like regime – will man ever listen to reason?

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