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The Woeful Eucharesty


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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “The Woeful Eucharesty”

  • Pieces of flesh to immolate Upon the altar They wait the time of the sacrifice The silence is broken by The noise of the prayers Eucharisty in the name of the lie Until we will Rise up – against the decievers Rise up – against the decievers Slay them! Vengeance for the true believer Vengeance for the real reedemer Kill them! Celebrate the truth with This new sacrifice A godless concrete revelation shall Enlighten the feebles minds No compassion for The shameful fratricides Bow your heads before our army as sign of submission Cross symbol of demise False blessing Hidden by the filthy sign of Cross icon of the hidding Pure falsehood wisely seeded in the prasie of lord Paradigm of the lie False leaders – Lift their the hands to celebrate the lord Shame of the minkind Rise up for every single word they ever preached And for every single verse they ever read For every single verse they ever read And for every single sign They gotta die Kill in the name of the truth Kill in the name of the truth Kill in the name of the truth Kill in the name of the truth Words cage of huma sight The dead walking indoctrinated by the holy words Wire fence for your mind Blinded worship in The false conviction that is God the leader of your life Desperate asking for The fair salvation from a god That will no reply Rise for every single word They ever preached and For every single verse They ever read and For every single sign they gotta die The time of fall has come No mercy for the enemies We'll purify the race from those ones Kill in the name of truth Kill in the name of truth Slay the decievers! Make them eat their own sick flesh! Kill without fear! Get themselves drunk of Their own blood! Finally leader! Of this woeful eucharisty Give them the end deserve!

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