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Rise And Oppress


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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Rise And Oppress”

  • Streaming from seas of no-life, we're shutted upon tuned-black sky. This dawn won't bring us light. Nothing we see will come to heal us. Our world is filled with stains we can't wash away. Nothing that they inject into us will ever react. Is there anything pure left for me? As cavies without cages. Who stole our light? Who smells our fear's stench? He keeps on tearing us from the Abyss. He keeps us in life to see nothing in the mirror. Sweet path of silent execution. Just set us free for we'll adore you. To celebrate the silent oppressor until the chain breaks. Then the raving of blood will be the epilogue. Just set us free for we'll adore you. To celebrate the silent defeat until the day of light. I see blood flowing but these eyes pierce me still, hiding the hollow in me. I am afraid I made it flow again. Back from dusk, rise to oppress. The rest is a mantra that won't stop. Fulfillment on my skin while I'm lying I lie. I lie still being nothing. Still being nothing.

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