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Branded With Sacred Flames Of Gehinnom

  • Исполнитель:

    Infernal War
  • Просмотров:



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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Branded With Sacred Flames Of Gehinnom”

  • I open myself! Dwell in the maze of my veins Stain me from inside with holiest disease Each bone shall be a pillar, each scar a monument Each word a glare of a million burning stars A holy nail to stab my eyes, a holy blade to cut my ears O corruptor, I submit my senses to thy eternal hunger. Speak the word that was and is to come unto me: For it is the void, and it is decay Substance is nil, devotion is all Ultimate, conscious possession! Dwell in me as I dwelt in you I am the grail, and I am the blood! "and behold, it cometh to ever hunger and ever thirst To devour existence and eat the blood of man. Each curse that is spoken shall obliterate a day When man walked the earth. And their number shall be higher Than sand in the desert, and salt in the sea." I am as a carrion that heareth nor seeth not The words of my kin are my words no more. My name shall be forgotten, my deeds erased Whilst the tissues will infect, and wounds bleed praise (swiety, swiety, swiety, ktory pluje w swiatynie zycia) I reject tomorrow, I reject the day before My blood shall set the borders of space time now complete. For I have received that which also I delivered unto you This is my flesh, branded with sacred flames of Gehinnom This is my blood, boiling within chalice of salvation You will feast on them in your quest for completion...

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