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Friction In Mass

  • Исполнитель:

    Manilla Road
  • Просмотров:



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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Friction In Mass”

  • Feeling the pain Inside this tortured frame Scrying the past Visions in broken glass Riding The Wave To bring back The Ancient Ways Rune Spells be cast Dark secret of Holy Mass Oh can't you tell The Magik is inside The Well The Triad's flames Doth cover all the planes Fight to the last Be more than war Friction in Mass Black hail and rain Nightmares outside the brain Unholy wrath Friction that lights The Path Knights of the Flame Defenders in Odin's name Life comes to pass The Magik of Hallowmas Oh can't you see The Fire is inside of thee The Triad's flames Doth cover all the planes Fight to the last Be more than war Friction in Mass Sacred Laws of old And ancient spells Are never lost to those Born of The Well The icey wastes of home Bred into me A taste for the unknown A hate for blasphemy The waters of The Lake Purify The Soul But wisdom of The Fates Always has its toll The Fires of Mars have burned Inside of thee The tides shall soon be turned By destiny Evil lords of war Drunk on virgin blood Ram through the door Letting loose The Flood Titons rise again Gorgons of Light The wars now begin 'Tis time to fight Warriors rise from the grave Longships sailing The Wave Bloodshed on every shore Friction massing from war Knights of The Flame Rise from the grave Fight to the last Friction In Mass Too wild to tame Setting the world ablaze Bards of the craft Burning the midnight wax Breaking the chain Avenging the wrongly slain Lords of The Axe Servants of Candlemas Oh can't you see The Magik is inside of thee.

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