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  • Исполнитель:

    Keith Murray
  • Просмотров:



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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Incredible”

  • [ll cool j] Im incredible, I mix up shit like cake mix Keep it blazin hot, rhymes burn to keep you frost bit Mcs is assed-out cause they lost it Peep my foundation, the way I reinforce it I monitor movements, precisely Makin niggas hit high notes, like the eisleys Finally, some bitches I can touch up Tie em to the grill of my six, pop the clutch up Hush up, I rush up, inside your cut Make you puss up, then bust up, cause my shit bumps This dons trumps, kill straight cats and all chumps Cause "life is like a box of chocolate," mr. gump Uh, the ultimatum, lets abbreviate em Ll platinum again, dont you hate im? A thin line between darkness and sunshine Five percenters that was raised on swine Known to be wise, and you wise to understand Bringin me drama is a handstand in quicksand Ive beenhot so long, Im immune Your rap career get cut short like poom-pooms Chorus: keith murray (ll cool j) Now, from the streets to the suites and all around the world, They all recognize we (incredible) We can stand in the water and cant get wet, You can bet your last dollar we (incredible) We gets it on in the worst way All the homeboys and the girls say we (incredible) From one brother to another They agree with each other, lyrically we both (incredible) [keith murray] Adios, mios, montageune Were too hot to hold and too bold to be controlled Your only skin-deep, my ugly comes from the soul I find the leaks, and e plug the holes I have more beef than filet mignon But got smart, and flushed the bullshit down the ? como? Rappers just started rappin last week, get a deal next week And go platinum next month But pass the blunt, so I can stay hy- like -dro Dont act like you dont know, Im about to fly a flow Im three from three from a three-point land With more devastation than a nigga can withstand Remember me? untouched by any emcee I add verbal assault to your mental injury Cause Im the vogit, toat it, quote it Five-0 said freeze, man I blowed it Ryhme strategies, no ones bad as this I sew up the populace like a seamstress A prisoner, doing time and the bit A grown man, and dont play with no kids; Im incredible! Chorus Lyrically we are both (incredible)

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