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Secret Indictment

  • Исполнитель:

    Keith Murray
  • Просмотров:



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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Secret Indictment”

  • Intro: Yo, yo Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo This is for only certain people (word up) This is for all my peoples in the struggle All my peoples in jail All my peoples dyin' to live Verse One: On my way home alone I took the shoertcut through the danger zone Ran into alligator looking Jerome I jumped out the truck all drunk Nuts hanging out the car like what? Nigga, I gives a fuck He said what up I said what up He said I need to be up I went in my nuts hit him with a 100 yo He gave me a glare with sparklin' gold teeth And said Yo Keith, your product is always peace Yo son, you know I just got released I was on the block and got bagged by pussy police And they the reason why Calvin is deceased The bullshit will never cease but dough is comin' at least I gave him a pound and a hug Told him hold it down thug Peace I'm a fleece cuz its hotter than fish grease We was high as a kite Feelin' kinda petro I metroed My way back to the Montero Before I even made it to the car door I was rushed by 2 jakes and then 2 more so here wew are fightin' through all the excitement I ask What you lockin' me up for? One said Secret Indictment Chorus: (2x) There's nowhere to run Nowhere to hide The gates are locked And you are trapped inside Verse Two: Starin' at the face of the judge With the identical image of a true thug I shoulda smuggled in a shotty (word up) Cuz they tryin' to treat me like I killed somebody And what the D.A. had to say Wasn't justice in no kinda way Under the doc number 284389 We the people recommend upstate time I said your honor I can't even see that far That's when my lawyer started droppin' the repetoir He said your honor These allegations against my client are very undefient Toward the contrary The judge said Mr. Murray didn't I tell you if you in my courtroom again Your ass is gone a long time Then he presumed Plus your a member Of the notorius gang the Legion of Doom He said look at me Thought he shook me I turn around and the bastard Through the book at me I hope this teaches you a lesson A half a million dollar bail Boom This court is in session Verse Three: I reach the tear visions of pair Remind me I'm locked up So I got no chance but not to give a fuck Check out my perspective as it dropped A lock across ya chest And bust ya snotbox Technicalites make me wanna bust chops and cops And murder flocks in all actualities That's a necessity in my recipe Plus it was a black cop that framed me And if it ain't one thing It's another ask my brother Went in jail for one thing Stayed in for another So here I am frustrated Sittin' in jail Thinkin' bout all my unfinished business left in the world I hopped on the jack connect with my connect Told him what I was up against Plus they found a Tech Get the cash together Put up the car and the house We on the jail phone So watch what come out ya mouth In 24 hours I was out But the situation's never ended Cuz the case is pended To be continued

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