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Life On The Street

  • Исполнитель:

    Keith Murray
  • Просмотров:



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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Life On The Street”

  • Intro: Mass hysteria illusion widespread across the world. Riots are reported in London and the United Nations is calling for an emergency meeting. Verse 1: A-Yo back in the day I sold hand to hand crack Escapin' jail all day to get my money back Starving' so bad that my stomach touched my back Anywhere that I went yo I didn't know how to act Oh his chain is phat Fuck that snatch that flash the gat When all I really wanted to do was rap (1,2 y'all) I've been preparing for this moment for years so step back Cla clack take that catch a heart attack I am the illest MC on the streets today But fans say wack rappers shouldn't come my way But I say I destroy crews like an AK Well OK please explain why you talk this way Cause you can sell a million records and be wack (word up) You can have mad skills and don't sell jack It got my brain racin', heart pacin', fightin' incarceration On the Internet in front of the whole nation In front of the judge with a grudge and no budge And no love That's how it is when you a thug If push comes to shove I rise above And stay dedicated to rap like ghetto love Hook Ooh street life there's a thousand parts to play Street Life. Until you play your life away ooow Verse 2: Me and my peeps on the creep deep like sleep Hip in heat in the seat of the jeep The more I try to get out the more I realize I can't So I roll with the beat and sing the war chant The power and the struggle in the concrete jungle And the troubles in the rubbles of the brothers on the bubble And yeah I heard your story your fuckin' niggas bore me On how you goin' out in the blaze of glory You ask Joe you sad as John Doe You can fool some heads but the real niggas know (word up) Niggas try to get on the mic with no skills I got one question for you How that shit feel? You feel you keepin' it real but you fake as a three dollar bill My grandmother has more skill My man A+ put the bug in my ear But don't make me open that door and have to go there Because... Hook Verse 3: Truethfully I went from havin' nothing to eat To eatin' a feast I went from chillin' on the streets to livin' in phat suites I went from a twenty four hour day crime wave To workin' in the studio with E gettin' paid And it ain't no mystery people know the history behind me And if you don't ask somebody on the street But Murray never worry the girls love me very Make a hit record quick fast in a hurry Total captivation domination with conversation That'll be talked about by the younger generation Remedial MCs will always implement violence That's because they ain't got no talent So I suggest you rest and learn about the heart in your chest Never the less fuck who's bein' the best More small rappers unite for world peace (word up) And take back our streets yo Hook

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