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Straight Loonie

  • Исполнитель:

    Keith Murray
  • Просмотров:



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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Straight Loonie”

  • [erick sermon (doing an onyx voice)] Testin one two three! whoa I flow rhymes wicked And bust some to keep me uplifted It flows to my braincells like from smoke Im no joke, I make an old man croak because Im loc Im wild, psychosomatic, I got gats Stored in my attic, for any crazy bastard Its all in the mind, when the e drops a rhyme My freakin frame is like a pair of calvin kleins I drop flows through customs, and get sniffed out Like I stole somethin when Im bustin Im don of mic with this shit I rock on, to the breaker one-nine ya dig? ? Erick sermon got funk for days, for those who wanna Backstab me in the back, like the ojays! Cant get these nuts on the real Its gonna be a cold day in hell before the e drops the steel! Arrrrrrrrgh! I still rock with my adidas With run-d.m.c. and jay, my niggaz packin heaters So get off, get off, and if you want the real scoop On the e double, check the sounds! I rise my eyes burnt like cherry Get wise to my style more fly than halle berry I dont know so Im sayin bye-bye.. .. until next try!! Def squad, is in the house, yo Green beret, is in the house, yo L.o.d., is in the house, yo Keith murray, is in the house, yo [keith murray] And jesus is a fuckin puppeteer! the devil cut my Sights off, and Im runnin wild in this atmosphere For mad niggaz its curtains Im losin my mind, in this biological universe In my dreams, Ill be gettin away drivin a hearse So when I get to hell, Im stabbin up the devil first And leavin the skull decapitate his ass, catchin wreck Rip off his head, and shit down his fuckin neck (bitch!) From the little voice in my concious I might just leave a crazy-ass unconcious And y, is a crooked letter like my alibi A psychic couldnt tell the science of my mind This man gets the wealth and yall can all eat shit and die Cause ima gets mines, bitch! West coast, is in the house, yo East coast, is in the house, yo N.y.c., is in the house, yo Lil jamal, is in the house, yo [jamal] Biddi-bla-ba-ba-ba, how ya like the squad now? Ima come down to represent the juveniles I kick styles that niggaz cant fuck with Cause when I come down I cold wreck the whole shit Now who the fuck wanna see jamal I fades em all And any nigga that step up, hes sure to fall Now I come down to be the illest, the realest Any nigga that step up, Im ready to peal his Cap, sit back relax and dwell on the shit Cause I be the illest little kid Im ready to rip Any motherfucker that wanna step nigga Ill let you know where the weapon is kept, how the fuck you figure That you can fuck with me, I be the illest b.g. Bustin from philly, chillin up in cali Sally from the valley fucked me and she burned me So you know I got the illest and I earned my props b Fo sho Im ready to rip any mc who step And let them know where the weapon is kept You punk bitch, and I hit a switch Any motherfucker step I dump him in the ditch Trick!

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