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Matte kudasai

  • Исполнитель:

    King Crimson
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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Matte kudasai”

  • #----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: (verkuilen john v) Date: 18 Jul 1995 02:21:09 GMT Subject: TAB: Matte Kudasai by King Crimson Matte Kudasai, by King Crimson, from _Discipline_. Also on various Compilation CDs and _The Acoustic Adrian Belew_. The song is in implied E major. This is the arpeggiated rhythm part Fripp Plays behind Belew's improvised slide guitar solos and the lyrics. Listen To the song to get how things fit together. I play it kind of like Adrian On _The Acoustic Adrian Belew_. The song is in three time, and really Swings. If you're playing it on an acoustic, it should sound decent. If You're playing it on an electric, use a _very_ light distortion (mostly for Warmth), light chorus/flange, a long delay, and compression. It will probably Sound OK on a plain clean guitar with some reverb, but I thought I'd give you The full list! I recently saw Crimson live and verified my guesses, so I think This is pretty close. Intro: [A verse with no words, Adrian solos in E major and its related modes with A slide. He also puts lots of slide licks in when there are no words.] Verse 1: (Verse Riff) Stare at the window pane, (Verse Riff with alternate ending) Stare at the rain that's falling. Chorus: (Chorus Riff 1a) She waits in the air, Chrous Riff 1b) Matte Kudasai. (Chorus Riff 1a) She sleeps in a chair, (Chrous Riff 1c) (Chorus Riff 2a) In her sad America. (Chorus Riff 2b) [no lyrics] Verse 2: [same as Verse 1] Long, long is the night alone, Long, like the notes I'm sending. Chorus Verse Riff: (*) ________|__________|_____________|_____7-sl-4_|_____7-sl-4_|______________ ________|__________|_____________|_____7-sl-5_|_____7-sl-5_|______________ ________|______6__4|_______4___1_|_____6-sl-4_|_____6-sl-4_|______________ ________|______6__4|_______4___2_|____________|____________|______________ ________|__________|_______4___2_|____________|____________|______________ _0_2h3h4|_0_0______|__0__________|_0__________|__0_________|_0_2h3h4______ (*) Fripp improvises on this bit, so try different things out. Mostly Triple stops. e.g., __5-sl-7__5-sl-7_|___ __5-sl-7__5-sl-7_|___ __4-sl-6__4-sl-6_|___ _________________|___ _________________|___ 0________________|__0 etc. segue -> Chorus Riff 1a Chorus Riff 1b |_________|___________0________________|____________________________________| |_________|_________2___2___2_______2__|____________________________________| |_________|_______1_______1______1_____|_____[same pick pattern as previous]| |_________|____4______________4________|____________________________________| |_________|____________________________|____________________________________| |_0_2h4h3_|__2_________________________|__0_________________________________| (Note: this fingering is really tough. I recommend doing stretching Exercises before attempting it. I recommend using a thumb fret for the Bass string, but if you can finger it some other way, go for it!) Chorus Riff 1c |___________0________________| |_________1___1______________| |_______2_______2____________| |____4______________4________| |_________________________0__| |__2_________________________| Chorus Riff 2a |______________|_____________|____________| |______10___9__|______9___7__|_____7___9__| |______11___9__|______9___8__|_____8___8__| |______11___9__|______9___7__|_____7___7__| |_0____________|_0___________|_0__________| |______________|_____________|____________| Chorus Riff 2b (this is a slightly modified version of the Verse Riff] ____________|_____________|_____7-sl-4_|_____7-sl-4_|______________ ______7__5__|_____________|_____7-sl-5_|_____7-sl-5_|______________ ______6__4__|_______4___1_|_____6-sl-4_|_____6-sl-4_|______________ ______6__4__|_______4___2_|____________|____________|______________ ____________|_______4___2_|____________|____________|______________ _0_0________|__0__________|_0__________|__0_________|_0_2h3h4__... [back to Verse] From: (verkuilen john v) Date: 18 Jul 1995 16:56:59 GMT Subject: Re: TAB: Matte Kudasai by King Crimson--CORRECTION (verkuilen john v) writes: >Matte Kudasai, by King Crimson, from _Discipline_. Also on various >compilation CDs and _The Acoustic Adrian Belew_. NOTE: I forgot to indicate that you need to play each measure twice on Chrous Riffs 1a and 1b. Please edit the file accordingly, replacing the Line titled "segue -> Chorus Riff 1a Chorus Riff 1b" in the original with The lines below. segue -> Chorus Riff 1a |_________|___________0________________|____________________________________| |_________|_________2___2___2_______2__|____________________________________| |_________|_______1_______1______1_____|_____[same as previous]_____________| |_________|____4______________4________|____________________________________| |_________|____________________________|____________________________________| |_0_2h4h3_|__2_________________________|____________________________________| Chorus Riff 1b |___________0________________|____________________________________| |_________2___2___2_______2__|____________________________________| |_______1_______1______1_____|_____[same as previous]_____________| |____4______________4________|____________________________________| |____________________________|____________________________________| |__0_________________________|____________________________________| -- Jay Definition of a phallic symbol: Something that's length exceeds its Breadth and of which your mother wouldn't approve.

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