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The Second Fall

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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “The Second Fall”

  • The sky is red above the valley, the wind and the wolves sing my heart song ... The armies are faced, There is the fear in the air, There is uncertainty, There is the courage, there is iniquity, There is hate... ...hate between the two Kings, they look in their distant eyes, and me, Daeniel, forever faithful to the Light, I have sworn to fight forever every evil I have sworn to myself !!! Now I watch the King straight in the eyes and I give the order... "Children of Kaledon, unleash the hell against the hell !!" The energy The fury The howling north wind The blood The mud The horses going crazy An instant The death The hand that is relaxed A moment The madness The life cast away The beast The cry The sky trembles too The angel The light The broken sky Then I lift my head and open wide my eyes And I see my friends, dirty and tired I cry against the sky... we have defeated the evil. The Jackal runs away afraid and alone It's the second fall, The revenge of Kaledon And a solitary tear Without intention Hands by my fear It 's the liberation... I lift my red sword for the blood I sink my legs among corpses and mud I glance at my King, I read an immense thanks I read the true love of the Father to the son And a solitary tear Without intention Hands by my fear It 's the liberation...

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