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P.B.E. (Powerful, Beautiful, Excellent)

  • Исполнитель:

    John Forte'
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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “P.B.E. (Powerful, Beautiful, Excellent)”

  • [Forte'] I encourage everyone to sing along... Unh-huh, with the song... Yo you can bump this, on every side of the compass You know the crew, you can ask Grady We not playin' baby We just Nutzbaby Can you dig it lady? yo.... I'm Powerful, man... (Powerful) Yo, I'm Beautiful man...(Beautiful) Yo, I'm Excellent man...(Excellent) Come on man you really can't even dig it baby, come on now... I'm... [Forte - Chorus] Powerful, Beautiful, Excellent! You the little thing that I want! Powerful, Beautiful, Excellent! You the dime piece that I want! Come on now again... Powerful, Beautiful, Excellent! You the little wiz that I want! Powerful, Beautiful, Excellent! It's too much iron that I want! (P.B.E.!) [Forte' - Verse One] MmHmm....Shorty got a little walk wit' her Spread the word I wanna have a little talk wit' her I heard a few cats dealed out and forked with her Sure... She knew my name, looking cute, acting awkwarder Yo D, double park the B outside I ain't even take a step yet, she's alkaline! But I don't sweat it though Some brothers'll never know Kids know my style, matico! And with a short stay, at the crib of John Forte' I leave that body shook like your first court date Ooo, You is so fine! Amongst the best, you a diamond in the gold mine I turn it and have you digging it in no time Why you laughing at the captain, that ain't no lyin' ? As if I said this before, who'd be foolish to ask for mo' ? As if you didn't know! [Chorus] Well yea Dad, I travel 'round Ran through many towns I met too many clowns, on many grounds Although I love women-kind A devil comes in all forms, shape, colours, of many minds Seductive, your G's tight love, but destructive The type to throw a fit to keep your man pussy-whipped Baby, who you think you dealin' wit' ? I was schooled by the same vets who used the same game to put your moms and your aunts in check And still feelin' it, you dig? Now think hard, before you say another word Actin' like you never heard of this P.B.E. F-O-R-T-E, asking over he-- That little diplomat, who can break yo' back So where your head at? You want a li'l beef? Tat-tat! Worldwide, allegience, stick it, and respect that Bet that Brownsvillie hard love, and silly Twenty slash twenty (20/20), Barbara, call me honey Show me yo' money My crew though paid, stay hungry I still let a shorty fund me You a dummy, I'll report if you want me! [Chorus] [Forte' - Verse Three] You want something to relieve, and royally, we're the kings And Bat-Man don't wear G-strings! (Imitating Wyclef dissing LL Cool J) You a baby, still teething My crew, sneak up on you like a bee-sting Oysters, touting ginseng You've got a private invi - to - the - tation Wasting my time and your time, makes me impatient So listen to the tracks as the lights go out Wild cats clear the front, turn your thang - thangs out! (No Doubt!) P.B.E. ! P.B.E. ! Pardon the interruption But I was just discussing Your fine figures, won't you hang out with my niggas We 'gon', party until the daybreak And do whatever it takes To satisfy your appetite and treat you right, baby! Powerful, Beautiful, Excellent! ....... P.B.E.! (Repeat 5x) (Darryl #1 Phillips, talking in background)

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