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Poly Sci

  • Исполнитель:

    John Forte'
  • Просмотров:



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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Poly Sci”

  • [Forte' - Spoken Words] Recently, I was compelled to tell the tale of two men Not long ago, in a club in the dead of winter They'd come into conflict, over mistaken identities Brought forth, by the pursuit of a woman She ultimately became the scapegoat for an ego-maniacal environment There are two sides to every coin, as well as every story Balance, is a way of life...Be it for better, or worse.... [Forte' - Chorus] Right, Left North, South Two sides balance out Black, White Either or God Is Love, God Is War Right, Left North, South Two sides balance out Black,White Either or God Is Love, God Is War! [Forte' - 1st Verse] In peace, live by the sword God Is love, God Is War Most cats out on the streets don't know what they're fighting for Buckwild, despite the law And nobody like to run Hit holders with shoulder chips up in the club Yo, that's the wrong man money and you rubbed his bitch And that man make money, have you seen his clique? Every member flying iron and their knights with it You feeling pressure, like a black where only whites can sit Well you ain't want a situation , but you've got one here... You don't want to see the bin, you've been out on year... How you trying to play it off up in this club if you dare to You walk beside the mix, and your mens ain't near you You want to holler names, knowing well that they won't hear you And this nigga here really got to learn to fear you You're feeling your conceal knowing that you've got to tear through In their room, holding onto life like an heirloom! [Forte' - Chorus 2x] [Forte' - 2nd Verse] Hey yo my back is on the wall And I pray that god bless you I'm running out of patience, and you're blatant disrespectful My crew never played, we was babies getting paid Spots locked from Coney Island to the Brooklyn Promenade Took lives and stealing I.V.'s, very few niggas like me The Devil in your midst, and what you don't know could hurt you My squad terrorize everything outside their circle Shit! These mens are worse, and they all is thirst But it's more than just the woman, my respect comes first Man I, burst buffoons when I curse with coons If you survive, may your Mother come and nurse your wounds Only to, catch it again Rule one, no friends This club shit'll make you careless My burners leave you airless (Yeah) Seconds away from your last day (from your last day, seconds away everyday, all day) [Forte' Chorus - 2x] [Forte' - 3rd Verse] Well, like my pops said, you play, you gotta pay(True-true) I dig your sham, but my man's on the real (But who you?) My sons put me on, and I heard of the name But you got 1 second left, out of 5 for fame Though outnumbered, I want it You the hunter, getting hunted By a younger predator, if you want it And son if it come down to the wire, and my mens ain't 'round we gonna do what we gotta, 'cause I can't back down It's too late now, expect you, when your man through A little verbal attitude, and I found that rude Now what to do? I know your crew, and each one got stripes But I'm young see, and one thing you not -- Hungry! It's either or, in the game from the door Lets see who'll be the first to find the floor! (That all!) [Forte' Chorus - 4x]

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