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Flash The Message

  • Исполнитель:

    John Forte'
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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Flash The Message”

  • featuring Butter & Jeni Fujita [Jeni Fujita] Flash The Message... [Forte' - Verse 1] Yo...You make me wanna vomit Yo, pay homage and dos-e-doe my sonnets I school y'all niggas slow on socios and economics You mostly know about the dough from airplay You only know about the heaters, from the shit that we spray Import from Vietnam cats, like my man Phillipe' (?) Bustin' crimes back(?) I label it, permanent sleep stay(?) Y'all cronies souped up My men ain't near dumb, we grew up You want your hair done? Hey, FUCK around and get your crew cut I organize the mental And live my life as the next essential Speak on this wild shit, as If I could begin to Who fall quick? Too many niggas fightin' over small shit You'll find me flippin' stocks, on boats that never dock I travel blocks, pick the best man Bust shots at the yes man, 'cause it was destined for me to flip investments Bag a lie, in the basement of the Best Western And if you don't want the consequence, then don't ask the question! [(Butter - Singing) Jeni Fujita in parentheses] - Chorus In Ninety Nine Some blow nines and some stayed indoors! (Flash The Message, something's out there!) Ninety Nine, is the time When the deaf, dumb and blind All catch war! (Flash The Message, something's out there!) [Forte' - Verse 2] It's like... Me and my crew And a little tour show Learned to flip the dough With the money we've got In Ninety Nine, more war, more crime Some'll stay behind doors, and some blow nines Your conception is annoying Leave the things we was born in The street nights, and hope we see the following morning Niggas sold soul, for gold ropes Do crimes, for new shines Poor beer out on the spot, where police drew lines Hey yo word, we thirty plus Wear guns thats dirty (?) bust (?) Ask your men pa, you should've been more (What?)...courteous Like my rain drop And all my li'l niggas rockin' tank tops And sell arms, like government bonds, in Bangkok Bank stops on lavish trips Soils I marry with, a dime piece! A (?)rester oil(?) who speaks in Arabic If the karat fit, wear it Every man I know hold Moreso, y'all niggas happy when you barely go gold! [Chorus 1x] [Forte' - Verse 3] This time it's personal... You like the artistry Rappers just reuse their first cut They say the same shit forever, and the use the word, so They ain't competing, they knew they was beatin', from the jump You get FUCKED! Grammatically speaking... You funny man Catch me on tour, A town near you With 20 Grand (Pikasoe), man it's etiquette Snatch your mouth off, for rhetoric I hold the greets from the street Yet subtle for lockin' shit Majored in Poly Sci, with a double doctorate! [Chorus 2x]

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