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The Murder Mystery


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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “The Murder Mystery”

  • Left Voice (Morrison, Tucker) >>> Right Voice (Reed, Yule) candy screen wrappers of silkscreen fantastic, requiring memories, both lovely and guiltfree, lurid and lovely with twilight of ages, luscious and lovely and filthy with laughter, laconic giggles, ennui fort the passions, in order to justify most spurious desires, rectify moments, most serious and urgent, to hail upon the face of most odious time, requiring replies most facile and vacuous, with words nearly singed, with the heartbeat of passions, spew forth with the grace of a tart going under, subject of great concern, noble origin >>>denigrate obtuse and active verbs pronouns, skewer the >>>sieve of optical sewer, release the handle that holds all the >>>gates up, puncture the eyeballls, that seep all the muck up, >>>read all the books and he people worth reading and still see >>>the muck on the sky of the ceiling please raise the flag rosy red carpet envy english used here is messenger is nervous it's no fun at all out here in the hall >>>mister moonlight succulent smooth and gorgeous. Isn't it >>>nice? We're number One and so forth. Isn't it sweet being >>>unique? for screeching and yelling and various offenses, lower the queen and bend her over the tub, against the state, the country, the committe, hold her head under the water please for an hour, for groveling and spewing and various offenses, puncture the bloat with the wing of a sparrow, the inverse, the obverse, the converse,the reverse, the sharpening wing of the edge of a sparrow, for suitable reckonings too numerous to mention, as the queen is fat she is devoured by rats there is one way to skin a cat or poison a rat it is hetero four hear to three forthirightly stated. >>>relent and obverse and inverse and perverse and reverse >>>the inverse of perverse and reverse and reverse an reverse >>>and reverse and reverse and chop it and pluck it and cut it >>>and spit it and sew it to joy on the edge of a cyclop and >>>spinet it to rage on the edge of a cylindrical minute. put down that rag simpering, callow and morose who let you in? if I knew, then I could get out the murder you see is a mystery to me >>>dear Mister Muse fellow of wit and gentry medieval ruse >>>filling the shallow and empty, fools that duel duel in pools. to Rembrandt and Oswald, to peanuts and ketchup, sanctimonious sycophants stir in the bushes, up to the stand with your foot on the bible as king I must order and constantly arouse, if you swear to catch up and throw up and up up, a king full of virgin kiss me and spin it, excuse to willow and wander dark wonders divest me of robes-sutures Harry and pig meat, the fate of a nation, rests hard on your bosoms, the king on his throne, puts his hand down his robe, the torture of inverse and silk screen and Harry, and set the tongue squealing the reverse and inverse >>>tantalize poets with visions of grandeur, their faces turn blue >>>with the reek of the compost, as the livig try hard to retain >>>what the dead lost, with double dead sickness from writing >>>at what cost and business and business and reverse and >>>reverse and set the brain reeling the inverse and perverse objections suffice apelike and tactile bassoon oboeing me cordon the virus' section off to the left is what is not right >>>English arcane tantamount here to frenzy passing for me >>>lascivious elder passion corpulent filth disguised as silk contempt, contempt and contempt for the boredom, I shall poison the city and sink it with fire, for Cordless and Harry and Apepig and Scissor, the messenger's wig seems fraught with desire, for blueberry picnics and pince-nez and magpies, the mseenger's skirt, would you plaese hook it higher, for children and adults all thos under ninety, how truly disgusting. Would you please put it down? a stray in this fray is no condom worth saving, as king I'm quite just, but it's just quite impossible, a robe and a robe and a robe and a bat, no double class inverse could make lying worth dying >>>with cheap simian melodies, hillbilly outgush, for illiterate >>>ramblings for cheap understanding the simple the inverse, >>>the compost, the reverse, the obtuse and stupid, and >>>business, and business, and cheap, stupid lyrics, and simple >>>mass reverse while the real thing is dying accept the pig, enter the Owl and Gorgeous, King on the left, it on the right and primping adjusting his nose as he reads from his scroll >>>folksy knockwurst peel back the skin of French and what >>>do you find? follicles intertwinning, succulent prose >>>wrapped up in r

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