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  • Исполнитель:

    Limp Bizkit
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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Trust?”

  • Back stabbers! (Back stabbers) Two-faced (Two-faced) Low-lives (Low-lives) It's time to step up to the plateA one, two, a one, two, a one, two What the fuck you gonna do?You know I see right through you (through you) When you act like you don't know me (know me) You lie, you cheat You steal, you lose Wouldn't wanna be in your shoes (so buckle up) Always lookin' over your shoulder (shoulder) For the ones you stick (stick) You sick little prick (prick) It looks like your times runnin' out (ooh) I'm creepin' up your back (back) So whatcha you all about?I'm too fuckin' good, and fuckin' proud!!! I'm gonna show you how bad it hurts to be a clown!!!You're the kind of guy with two faces (faces) Just another life that's wasted (wasted) Here's a little fact (fact) You do me like that (that) End up in the back (back) Of my trunk in a sack (sack) You'd better keep your hands off (what) What's mine and anybody else's (else's) When you're selfish (selfish) Your wealth is (wealth is) All you crave (crave) from the cradle to the graveI got a little bitty question Just what the fuck are you thinkin'? You think you're all that and then some? Well you're not I think you're dum ditty dum I take it back (back) Those thoughts are kinda whack (whack) Don't really need that kind of karma on the track (track) Maybe Freddy Krueger will step into your dream and Burn you like a demon and leave your ass screamin'. To be exact (exact) I wanted to react (act) Mission of attack (tack) Your head was gettin' cracked (cracked) But you're a human bein' That's lucky to be breathin' And that's that... that's thatI don't trust nobody (nobody) And nobody trusts me Never gonna trust anybody (gonna trust anybody) And that's the way it's gonna be (gonna be)

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