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Crazy World

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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Crazy World”

  • (b.andersson/b.ulvaeus) First release 1976 I was out for the morning sun Couldnt sleep so I thought Id take a walk I was thinking of you and me And I went to your house cos I had to talk I could hardly believe my eyes When I saw this guy closing your front door Had a feeling of emptiness Like Ive never had before And I close my eyes Will you leave me, girl? And I realise Its a crazy world As he disappeared in his car I was stunned and I didnt know what to do Everything I had ever been Everything in my lifes a part of you And I just couldnt move my feet So I stood on the pavement as you came out You acted as you didnt know What it was all about And I close my eyes Will you leave me, girl? And I realise Its a crazy world Baby how could you do it You just told me lies Had you been behind my back with other guys? Baby how could you tell me There was only me I was stupid to believe you I was blind but now I see Then you smiled and you took my hand there is something, you said, that you may not know, Theres a couple of men in my life, And one of them is my brother joe. Hes been gone for a long long time But hes back and I think hes gonna stay, Youll be seeing a lot of him Hes so nice in every way. And I close my eyes Never leave me, girl And I realise Its a crazy world So I close my eyes Never leave me, girl Then I realise Its a crazy world

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