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Punks Not Dead?

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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Punks Not Dead?”

  • I made my own evolution, Now I'm living without illusions, Now I'm not so straight as I was. Too many people were involved, But then I found out that they were sold, They were sold by themselves. But who really wants to stuff, A white Kleenex up mу mouth? Or rush to the toilet & slash their wrists, But who really cares - no one gets pissed. Your brain's a mess & that is fine, It corresponds to mine - fine You can not pass your twenty-nine. Too mad? Your rage? We'll cool you down, Lay in your grave - don't misbehave, Lay - this is your grave. But who says we've been glued by the liquor, By the ones that were smarter & quicker, But who knows if Beatles raped Naive, And who knows if they're too naive to believe that, Punks not dead?!? Punks not dead?!? Punks not dead?!? You only wanna screw & kill, Anything to make you ill - KILL! So that the vomit washes off my tears. Too many wounds that never bled, Too many magnums at my head, now Now I decided to stop it all. But whales that piece of paper mean? That all those suckers signed for him? They are the dirty & I am the clean, They ate my garbage, now I eat their cream! Punks not dead?!? Punks not dead?!? Punks not dead?!?

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