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It's Tough To Be A God

  • Исполнитель:

    Elton John
  • Просмотров:



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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “It's Tough To Be A God”

  • I hardly think I'm qualified To come across all sanctified I just don't cut it with the cherubim The town's already on it's knees Being worshipped is a breeze I barely know the words to any hymn Listen if we don't comply With the locals' wishes I can see is being sacrificed or stuffed Let's be Gods, the perks are great El Dorado on a plate Local feelings should not be rebuffed It's great to be a God Tread where mortals have not trod Be defied when really you're a sham Be an object of devotion Be the subject of psalms It's a terrifying notion All those prayers and thos salaams Any normal man would bridle if he's forced to be an idol And a normal man's exactly what I am All the same it's pretty clear The bastards don't keep much up here They must have zillions under lock and key But Gods can force then to unleash Enough to make us nouveau riche Beyond our wildest dreams so follow me Can't you see I won't relax If religious maniacs Tell me I'm all-powerful and sublime How can I be their belief When I'm lying through my teeth Why don't we just say some other time It's great to be a God But if you get the people's nod Count your blessings, keep them sweet is my advice Be nirvana be salvation Be all things to all men Butter up your congregation Every Sunday score a ten All the alternative is dire Simply frying pan to fire So sign on two new Gods for paradise

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