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Like Father Like Son

  • Исполнитель:

    Elton John
  • Просмотров:



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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Like Father Like Son”

  • Like father, like son Like father, like son Like father, like son Don't come on so cocksure boy, you can't escape your genes No point in feeling purer boy, your background intervenes Listen good and listen straight, you're not the master of your fate To this you must be reconciled, you'll always be your father's child At times acclaimed, at times reviled You'll wind up doing just what I've done Like father, like son Like father, like son Don't assume your vices get handed down the line That a parent's blood suffices to condemn the child's design I've done wrong, I can't deny, but at least I know that I Shouldn't blame that on my stock, this may come as quite a shock But I'm no chip off any block, I wouldn't wish those words on anyone Like father, like son Like father, like son Son, you're nervous, take my hand All is settled, all is planned You've got the world at your command I don't think you understand Just have the slave if you must, and be done with her Don't ever speak of her like that again I appreciate too well, the squalor at which you excel It isn't very hard to tell, evil's a distinctive smell From this day on I choose my own way If I choose to be with Aida, then I will be And no one, not you, not even the gods can stop me He's lost all sense of reason, and why? some foreign slut Not only is that treason, some doors are slamming shut Just like me, he's found that flesh can excite but will enmesh Watch me rid him of this blight, once the harlot's out of sight Then I think he will see the light He won't walk back to daddy, he will run Like father, like son Like father, like son Like father, like son Like father, like son

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