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Sweet Art Thou


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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Sweet Art Thou”

  • Play by Raymond, Music by Theatre of Tragedy Stay still patient; wilt thou my sister of merciful troth be? I shall attempt the halter of thy life make less tighten'd! I shall climb the yew, Will it subdue me or not! Swooning emotio ns smite my bosom - I have in aptness depriev'd thy eyrie Oh! - but ne'er alas; Fro many another a lass - Lodge here fore'ermore. Dodge thither sable of yore! A narrow dell hath now for me turn'd into a broad land; A land rich with fields of the Simbelmyn. Sonorous to my ears are the words form'd by thy tongue; Conquer me! - Waylay me! - Swathe me 'twixt thy arms! Make me sense the wine which is runk by queens, Make me sense the wine which is drunk by kings, / And let it flow white and full in taste o'er my lips. And let it flow red and full in taste o'ver my lips. A dais'd bridge o'er the ghyll, In which a river bottomless - I would have drownd, Yet thou drewest me out soaking! Save thou art not yet all parchd - Eavesdroppest ye: A wee drop, I can hear it! - I can feel it! Whence it comes I can only deem, Yet I will not tarry idly! Lest this for me is a gay dream: Let it adamant be - A dream that will sojourn eternally - Empty the flagon in me! In which theatre I will act!

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