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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Bluegrass”

  • [LSK] Love is you [2x] [Maxi Jazz] My TV barks at me, from the corner Life on the street is like a sauna, it's too hot. Put bars around what you've got, And the whole city lucky that we ain't been shot. We got full blown decent into argument Here we go. Times to overthrow the parliament, so In these struggled times I wanna know, do you Make a stand or just follow the flow Even though, you know y' leaders are fullup of ego Do we go where the others go and lay low Only moving on someone elses say so I say no! What's in my heart is unexplainable I ain't a fool And happiness is attainable And even on the days when rain will fall I still plan to love and I always will It's a calling from when I rise in the morning This is a love we were born in Ya tap it and it just keep coming and coming and coming [LSK] Love is you, love is us, love is ... [Maxi Jazz] Hmm. It's a powerful thing that can make a man sing And bring people together with strength of feeling Now, be connected from the floor to ceiling Ecuador to Beijing become all the same thing Like a movement, love too strong to deny Born to fly but we stay grounded and I don't know why We have a powerful tool, no need to cry With it you separate the truth from a lie The point I wanna make, Is you could never escape from your fate, The mistake is to take without giving. So, break the tradition. Make a decision, cause no matter how hard you try You're still in prison, If ya born with wings and you never fly Listen, you don't stop, Especially when the going gets rough. That's when it's real And I love that stuff, [LSK] Love is you, love is me, love is us, love is free Zip up your front all ya want But there's a heart in every seed Love is you, love is me, love is us, love is free Zip up your front all ya want But there's a heart in every seed [Maxi Jaz] And I love that stuff [2x]

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