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All Around The World

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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “All Around The World”

  • Swear to God I just touched down [Chorus: Jay-Z] + (LaToiya) All around the world.. (same song) Killa Cali nigga (same song) A-T-L (same song) Real-adelphia.. dude it's all around the world [Jay-Z] London, England, South of France And all points between they know about your man Konichiwa ladies when I'm out in Japan I'm a Tokyo Giant like Ichiro, I am piss poor nigga from the hood but I blew Now I bounce six-fours up and down Crenshaw Spot me the hotel, the Cap', or Capri Bathrobe, slippers in the lobby like weed Your man'll stand manta ray, handlin a steak And handlin the modern stand about five-eight Five-nine fine wine fine dine either that or I'm mixin in Switzerland, tryin to buy time Ballin out in Bali when it's gorgeous out in Cali Brunchin at the 4 Seasons, off the heezy When it's back home nigga back to the zone Nigga back to the books to the rhymes that took me [Chorus: Jay-Z] + (LaToiya) All around the world.. (same song) Brooklyn bombers (same song) Detroit players (same song) Chi-Town.. all around the world [Jay-Z] Said it's all love, Sure Club, M-I-A Party at bungalow eight, when I stay Pool look like a hundred Beyonce's A couple fiances, I'm the new DeVante Come and Talk to Me mami in the Ea-sy Garant, I hope, she ain't too young Only twenty-one and older let another nigga mold her I'm just tryin to show her how a baller and a roller sleep one place, sell the pie to keep the engine runnin then I wake up in Martha's Vineyard Same boss this year, I think I'm gon' spend Christmas reminisce about the time my mom couldn't spend Christmas Now I'm gon' send her on her own little wish list Anywhere in the world, anywhere for my girl Forever my lady, blind crippled and crazy A ticket and you pay to see D - sweet Sade [LaToiya] Sade, Sade, don't you know I love you sweet Sade, Sade All around the world [Jay-Z] Said it ain't where you from yo it's where you at Real niggaz out in Brooklyn, some niggaz don't clap It's real killers out in Cali, some niggaz just act Hollywood like they out the hood, it's all to the good Real players in the D-Twa, some of them throwed Slackin on they mackin, rest haven for hoes Real pranksters in the Chi, most of them real folks Disciplined Gangsters, come on Charlie I know Shit it ain't about your city or borough It's bout if you really as thorough And if you are, holla at your boy I put my hand on my heart, that means I feel you Real recognize real and you lookin familiar I'ma Bed-Stuy nigga but I do it to death I promise I'm as St. Thomas homey eatin at Chef's One-twelve, A-T-L, the sun up yet? Then we party like the sun don't set [LaToiya] We gon' take you all around the world.. it's the same song (same song) Everywhere (same song) It's the same song (same song) We gon' take you all around the world.. same song (same song) Same song (same song) Same song (same song) All around the world.. {*harmonizing to the end*}

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