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Do U Wanna Ride

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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Do U Wanna Ride”

  • feat. John Legend [Intro] This is the operator with a collect call from "Emory Jones" To accept the charges, press one now [Jay-Z] Uhh, woo! Emory whattup? Told you I ain't too good with writin letters and all Shit I don't even write rhymes But what I will do I'ma send you this opus scribed through the airwaves Vibe with me [Chorus: John Legend] I knowwwww.. I knowwwwww Some places we can go, some places we can go I knowwwww.. I knowwwwww! Some places we can go, some places we can go Do you wanna riiiiiiide... with me Do you wanna RIIIIIIIDE... with me [Jay-Z - over Chorus] Uh-huh, uh-huh Yeah nigga I bet we was kids and had dreams of bein here I said "we" cause I'm here, you here! Uhh Yeah, ride with me, your spot is reserved family Cigarette boats, yachts, ain't nowhere we can't go We in South Beach and the Hamptons too baby! [Jay-Z] You know why they call The Projects a project, because it's a project! An experiment, where in it, only it's objects And the object for us to explore our prospects And sidestep cops on the way to the top - yes! As kids we would daydream, sittin on our steps Pointin at cars like yeah that's our sex Hustlers, prophets, made our eyes stretch Swanson got the spot, shit we started our trek Some of us made it, most of us digressed In the name of those who ain't made it my progress Show success please live through me See I'm the eyes for Emory, keep him alive (This is a collect call) So everytime I press five All he wanna hear is his boy talk fly Up in the fed, and still holdin his head So when he hits the streets he gon' eat through this bread Now let's ride [Chorus] [Jay-Z - over Chorus] Uh-huh, geah I'm crushin 'em all for Jones MTV, BET, the Grammys, crushed linen, purple label All that fly shit we talked about Give him some nice pinky rings with the blue diamonds and e'rything Hehehe, that's what we talked about right? Uh-huh... tried to told you, ride with me [Jay-Z] International Hov', I told you so Forty 40's out in Tokyo Singapore, all this from singin songs Comin up though we thought slingin raw was the end all be all of bein rich didn't we Little did I know my mo' potent delivery would deliver me, kingpin of the inkpen Monster of the double entendre, Coke is still my sponsor Heh, the Cola, yeah Hova still gettin it in with soda Diet, no sir, I ain't lose no weight Started from the crates now I'm sittin on a whole case Since they got you sittin on that old case Our dreams is on hold like Tivo So I can't wait 'til you get your date I got some temp plates outside of the gate We gon' ride [Chorus] [Jay-Z - over Chorus] Uh-huh, uh-huh Geah Don't even worry about it though, you ain't missed nuttin It only gets better, they got the Maybach Coupe now Look like the Batmobile, the Phantom the top just comes off that joint It only gets better They caught your body they can't trap your mind Keep your spirit alive read your books Matter of fact, let me take you somewhere Vibe with me, c'mon [Jay-Z] Now me and my lil' mama, Kita and Tata Juan and Dez out in San Tropez Jay round in Gabana, sneakin marijuana You know that Mary J. give you +No More Drama+ Lost a couple friends this whole shit got weird But when you get home you know your spot's reserved, ya heard? I put my niggaz on, my niggaz put they niggaz on Now we all somewhere fun, chillin in the sun I ain't forget you cousin, hehe Yeah nigga y'all can wear sneakers on the beach if you want to Y'all niggaz come and c'mon, playin money marathon My young'n is LeBron, you know what that makes me baby Big Homey! Hehe, Emory what's up? [Chorus - starts over last few lines of above] [Jay - over Chorus] Wan' ride with us? You're more than welcome We ain't on no bullshit, uhh Put your feet up Big Tye I see you boy Guru, I don't usually do this but Roll me up son man Let me get mellow on this shit right here Uh-huh, yeah Uh-huh, white paper though nigga Can't even fuck with those blunts White paper baby, old school nigga gimme a joint Smooth it out, Young H.O. Henry Jones Word to my momma we livin!

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