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Feelin' You In Stereo

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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Feelin' You In Stereo”

  • feat. R. Kelly [Jay-Z] Everything ain't hardcore you know I can't sing but my man I'ma let my man smooth that thang out for you You know, take the edge off, you know what I'm sayin'? [R. Kelly] All my sexy ladies throw ya hands up high And all my real playas throw ya hands up high And just keep on bouncin' while I take you on a ride [Chorus: R. Kelly] It's like your body's on radio I'm feelin' you in stereo Put me in your cd player I'm gonna hit it nice and slow Baby I'm your hot mix bumpin' in your cherry Lex Checkin' out your widescreen while your hands up on the headrest [Verse 1: R. Kelly] I'm, in the studio thinkin' about my next hit song Tryin' to come up with a melody that will turn you on On the MPC3000 tryin' to come up with beats That'll make come on over here and lay down here with me I'm searchin' for that special mind blowin' melody And it's gotta be sexy so I'll think it through carefully It's like I'm tryin' to tune it, to ya station babe Try to get you to play, this record babe Every time I hear this track girl I think about me and you In the Maybach doin' what we do [Chorus] [Verse 2: R. Kelly] Um, now I know a few friends of mine that has made love to this record So when you're in the mood call the station, request this record She walks in the room, says "'Ly I can't breathe" As I try to catch my breath and proceed Lookin' at yo' sexy smile, while I put my vocals down Girl you have made this song a hit in each and every town You a sexy melody with a touch of freakin' harmony Such a perfect chemistry Girl we deserve a Grammy, or Soul Train Billboard, MTV or BET award Rollin' like we on a tour Ooh the way you put it down girl I can't take it Sex was so good girl we've got to do the remix 'Cause girl you a mix master When it comes to pumpin' you such a ghetto blaster It's such a hit that I gotta bootleg it, yeah [Chorus] [Verse 3: Jay-Z] A melody is the chemistry, the way we click It's like four part harmony and all that shit Your waistline is the bassline, I ride that shit Strung off your treble and I'm high as shit We made love in the studio when we got together over and over again like a loop Damn I'm missin' you, it's hard to listen to all these different dudes, huggin' and kissin' you, fuck! [Chorus] [R. Kelly] Yeah, I'm feelin' you in stereo Aw yeah, aw yeah, yeah

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