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You Better Sit Down Kids

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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “You Better Sit Down Kids”

  • Better sit down kids Ill tell you why, kids You might not understand, kids But give it a try, kids Now how should I put this Ive got something to say You mother is staying But Im going away No, were not mad, kids Its hard to say why Your mother and i Dont see eye to eye Say your prayers before you go to bed Make sure you get yourself to school on Time I know youll do the things your mother Asks Shes gonna need you most to stay in Line Keep in mind your mothers gonna need Your help a whole lot more than she Ever did before No more fights over little things Because I wont be here to stop them anymore I know you dont want this, neither do We But sometimes things happen That we cant foresee Now try to be calm, kids And dont look so sad Just cause I am leaving Ill still be your dad Just remember I love you And though Im not here Just call if you need me And Ill always be near (repeat chorus) Well, I have to go now So kiss me goodbye My eyes are just red, kids Im too big to cry

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