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Not Enough Love In The World

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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Not Enough Love In The World”

  • Sometimes I wonder where it is loves goes I dont know if even heaven knows But I know we had dreams That didnt quite come true And now Im not the one, Little boy, whos keeping you Chorus: I was either standing in your shadow Or blocking your light Though I kept on trying I could not make it right For this girl Theres not enough love in the world I know people hurt you so bad They dont know the damage They can do, and it makes me so sad How we knock each other down Just like children on a playground Even after that o sun went down Chorus Oh darling this is still a shady little town And sometimes its so hard to smile For the world, for the camera And still you have something left You dont have to prove nothing to nobody Just take good care of yourself Im not easy to live with I know that its true Youre no picnic either, baby And thats one of the things I loved about you But a time will come around When we need to settle down Got to get off this merry-go-round Chorus

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