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Amok Run

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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Amok Run”

  • You have pushed me to this hell Put this cancer in my head Raped my soul and vandalised my heart Now this conflict deep inside My hate I can no longer hide For today this end will have a start My anger aims At a different target now I could have left, I could have fled For now my name Will forever be remembered I am the bringer of light To the living dead I cannot take it anymore My sight, my view becomes distorted My martyrdom has now begun Watch me today you'll see me Run amok run Run amok run Run amok run Run amok run Face me on this my glorious day I bring torment and decay For the scars you branded Deep inside my soul Kill all the victims I can score Viscous bloodlust, give me more This is punishment that nothing Can control my final Run amok run Run amok run Run amok run Run amok run Pain I have lived in endless pain Now I pay it back in spades Burning panic, ice cold fear is in their eyes Blood is the last thing that I see Sacrifice and agony On my final day you'll have To die with me for now I Run amok run Run amok run Run amok run Run amok run This is my amok run Violence climac so pure This is my amok run Bloodbath total massacre For now I touch the hand divine Walking straight into the light This is where it all must end, my friends Today I'll die like Jesus Christ

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