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The Pestilence

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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “The Pestilence”

  • Cemetery of hades riting flesh of death Skulls and bones are decaying Corpses limbs and deadly carnage Massacre and crime is ruling The world is living in pain and sorrow The gods have stopped believing Survive or escape there is no chance Death of all cultures is near There must be a parasite in their brains Terror is their only aim Gods of war and fallen kingdoms Prayed for it in times of decay A curse of the unity of the undead Has reached the poisoned souls Middle ages time of the pestilence Cruelty of unreached thrones The Pestilence The omen has hung over the world Since time has begun A sceptre and a sword And endless signs of hate and desolation In minds and hearts in souls and brains There is only decaying A shame to those who lived by the rules Death of all cultures is near Worms and rats attack your brain You stare at the sun as you pray Pray for help but it's stupid cause you know There ain't no help for you Death draws near and you fear the smell of Armageddon But you've got no chance to escape You will die in hell Hear the screams of children around you No one cares about that crime Terror rules the decayed land The master is watching all the time

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