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Enemy Of God

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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Enemy Of God”

  • Shocked Orwellian races Gather united in grief Nothing is left from the World they have known Grotesque indifferent belief Systems have failed Rules can't control Corrupt dictators forever dethroned Lies of the Priest Trust of the Blind Failure of structures manipulate deviant crimes All nations hail the end of peace New dawn inception of disease Age of revenge has now been born By the mother of all wars Enemy of God Purity and innocence is killed Enemy of God Peace died long ago when life stood still Clash of demonic religions Hatred the human divine Despotic aggressors in triumph they reign Fanatics bring mayhem to life War of all wars Foreseen before Freedoms foundations exist no more A genocide nightmare the darkest of days Chaos devourers as all hope and pride fades Total carnage sudden death Sent from a morbid mind possessed A godless mekka now awaits, as hellish flames desecrates Enemy of god Purity and innocence is killed Peace died long ago when life stood still Now the fury is unleashed The hunter has become prey for the beast Breathing savage distain Malevolence ingrained No emotion for humanity Tragically the palace falls Burned are the imperators halls For their decadent facades All their elitaire Exhibition of filth to watch for all For those who die along the way Timeless glory awaits Enemy of god Purity and innocence is killed Peace died long ago when life stood still Nothing can divide Terror is thy name Last legion alive Set the World aflame Enemy of god Masters you have none Sweet the victory When thy kingdom come Enemy of god Cast deliverance Fanatical divide Slaying innocence Enemy of god Answer to no one Bringing war from heaven A thousand fires burn

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