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Toxic Trace

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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Toxic Trace”

  • Pesticide in torrents, how fast it flows Total pollution the earth can't stand much longer Chemical industry brings new diseases The fear of self-destruction is growing stronger Nuclear waste in an uncontrolled deluge Reduces the earth to an airless planet Reformation lies far away Now is your only chance to save it Contamination in every place Condemn the human race Everything will decay Broken down by toxic trace New plagues have come and soon there'll be more Apocalypse not for the first time Suppression is alive and that's for sure Everyone will be annihilated Enforcement of the last eclipse Can't ignore predictions from the past Ignore the warnings of ancient Prophets Every minute of your life could be your last Contamination in every place Condemn the human race Everything will decay Broken down by toxic trace Metamorphoses of the earth to a lifeless desert Voracity for richness, ruin of Mankind Craving more and more, to the world's Requiem This is the earth's last century Now depravation from things that count, to make an easier life for me Total confusions for the non-believers who ignore the writings on the wall Times of suffering for everyone, no-one can hide from reality Social injustice will be no more, without exception, devastate all Times have changed from the past to now The earth is mankind's subject Perfect creation stands over all Experimenting with lethal objects Domination, submission, demand for more De-humanizes the brains of the rulers What gives them the right to menace us all This time will come but then it will be too late

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