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What I Miss About You

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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “What I Miss About You”

  • Missing the train every morning at 8:52, Sipping coffee from the same cup as you. The sharing of secrets we thought no one else knew, That's what I miss about you. The new way that love had made me see, Your bashful grin when you asked if I would like your key. The knowing way you used to caress me, That's what I miss about you. You stole in with your starry smile exciting me, Driving with you in your new car, feeling free. If it's true that love is blind, then I was blind willingly, You made me feel we had a future, that could be and would be. The way you said I'd be no one on my own, Your habit of soaking yourself in over-priced cologne. The way you turned the light out when I knew you were home, That's what I don't miss about you. I bet you're using your weary magic like it's new, Driving so fast with a new fool beside you. Presumably believing she's the last of the lucky few, I wonder if she knows she's being lied to like I do. The way I only doubted myself when I was with you, Like I was a fool for expecting something from life too. Your skill of putting me down in-front of everyone we knew, That's what I don't miss about you

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