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desire to fire

  • Исполнитель:

    Machine Head
  • Просмотров:



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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “desire to fire”

  • 1, 2, fuck this place up. We turn desire to fire electric spark to the wire highered the stakes when we brought this monster life prevail by daring to fail others content just to sail hail the future we bring we bring chaos to blocks like riots to watts blow up spots, taking the crown off the top notch create the pace that you all will follow sporadic flow buckles up like a calico We D-O smoke sensmilla vodka and C-O-K-E is the real deal you flubber, never had to suffer life's gettin harder and it's only getting rougher save some for me cant stop what were going to be Chorus: walk with me and take this seed a fire for you so dare to fail will you when my pen hits pad it results in catastrophe words and verbs come to form a disaster if you want it, you got it never hit I spot it now come and watch me rise all the tools, that blew more money than Latrell you tell, I don't know you think I know you too well you fell and stumbled laughin as you tumbled I guess you forgot about the power we rock coz ALL HAIL THE Machine Head battery the good, the bad, the ugly damaging your battery yeah you been fucked stuck in a rut your life has been sucked your tail has been tucked save some for me can't stop what were going to be just watch as as i demonstrate the reason we dominate chorus If we stand alone and believe it all and you tell me it's all I believe in yes we stand alone and believe it all if you tell me it's all we believe in because we we'll chew and spit you out and pray upon the weaker take what we want chorus

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