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In The Presence of My Enemies

  • Исполнитель:

    Machine Head
  • Просмотров:



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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “In The Presence of My Enemies”

  • I never ask myself why injustice befell me Accepted of the fact, try and live a life of peace I'm not a violent man, but to those who'd threaten me My enemy, for my family I'll show thee Death I will fight you to Wrath provoked you cannot bear Our lives are not your toys Mercy, not a drop to spare You of destruction Of hope's deconstruction Kills Innocence is lost when The blood of innocents Spills I'm not a violent man, again I wish to repeat But for every human that takes away a child's innocence Whether it by molest, or by all wars pointlessness Killer of life Corruptor of all that is pure I want your nose to break Shattered under clenched fist Smash face to concrete Taste the asphalt's gentle kiss You of destruction Of hope's deconstruction Kills Innocence is lost when The blood of innocents Spills To those that are to blame Destroyers of every dream Breaking of hatred's wings Mars' phoenix begins fading To those that monger war Claiming that this is to even scores This mantra I invoke No longer this fear will I choke There's no peace for the one who can't know peace Your every breath it only lives to take Someday the earth you will descend Not a regret I'll harbor in Tearless my eyes Flowerless my hands And that day when your moment is fleeting That thought keeps my heart beating When they lower your casket down Bitter the sweet within my mouth Ender of life Corruptor of all that's pure On Your Grave I Will Stand

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