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The Man Who Would Be Santa


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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “The Man Who Would Be Santa”

  • And the man who would be Santa slips into the room And the hour of daylight's yet to come but he hopes they don't wake too soon All the presents wrapped in paper and tied with a bow The children sleep upstairs and Santa works below And he can hear the children dreaming Chorus And he says All I want is for you to have A life you love and live Take from me all I have to give Because you are in my heart And the man who would be Santa tells his son to write And to call him if he needs him in the middle of the night Don't you worry don't you cry now you'll do just fine Your mother and I love you We think about you all the time And he can see the train is leaving Chorus Now the old man sits and tells of days when time stood still The hours always seem to fade but the memory never will All the love that you gave me All the dreams in the night And I just want to thank you while the day's still light But I can see the sun is setting Chorus

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