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Velvet Underground

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Тексты песен и аккорды

  1. After Hours

  2. All Tomorrows Parties

  3. Andy's Chest

  4. Begining To See The Light

  5. Beginning to See The Light

  6. Candy Says

  7. Chelsea Girls

  8. Coney Island Steeplechase

  9. Cool It Down

  10. Countess from Hong Kong

  11. Coyote

  12. European Son

  13. Femme Fatale

  14. Foggy Notion

  15. Guess I'm Falling In Love

  16. Head Held High

  17. Here She Comes Now

  18. Heroin

  19. Hey Mr. Rain (Version 1)

  20. I Can't Stand It

  21. I Found A Reason

  22. I Heard Her Call My Name

  23. I Love You

  24. I'll Be Your Mirror

  25. I'm Gonna Move Right In

  26. I'm Not Too Sorry (Now That You're Gone)

  27. I'm Set Free

  28. I'm Sticking With You

  29. I'm Waiting For The Man

  30. If You Close The Door

  31. Im Not Too Sorry

  32. It Was a Pleasure Then

  33. It's All Right (The Way That You Live)

  34. It's Just Too Much

  35. Its All Right

  36. Jesus

  37. Lady Godiva's Operation

  38. Lisa Says

  39. Lonesome Cowboy Bill

  40. Love Makes You Feel Ten Feet Tall

  41. New Age

  42. Ocean

  43. Oh Gin

  44. Oh! Sweet Nuthin'

  45. One of This Days

  46. Over You

  47. Pale Blue Eyes

  48. Prominent Men

  49. Ride Into The Sun

  50. Rock And Roll

  51. Rock And Roll (original Version)

  52. Run Run Run

  53. Sad Song

  54. Satellite of Love

  55. She's My Best Friend

  56. Sheltered Life

  57. Some Kinda Love

  58. Stephanie Says

  59. Sunday Morning

  60. Sweet Bonnie Brown

  61. Sweet Jane

  62. Take a walk on the wild side

  63. Temptation Inside Your Heart

  64. Thats The Story of My Life

  65. The Black Angel's Death Song

  66. The Gift

  67. The Murder Mystery

  68. The Ocean

  69. There is No Reason

  70. There She Goes Again

  71. Train Round The Bend

  72. Velvet Nursery Rhyme

  73. Walk And Talk

  74. We're Gonna Have A Good Time Together

  75. We're Gonna Have A Real Good Time Togeth

  76. We're Gonna Have A Real Good Time Together

  77. Were Gonna Have a Real Good Time Togethe

  78. What Goes On

  79. White Light/ White Heat

  80. Who Loves The Sun

  81. Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams



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